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Pavement markings are the only continuous means of guidance for motorists in their travels. We all take roadmarkings for granted, until they are either not there, or, because of adverse weather conditions they are difficult to see. The State Highway and Local Government roading network, which for the past three decades has been marked six-monthly, using solvent paint, is increasingly being marked with new linemarking systems. These may be high quality waterborne or solvent binders and glass beads, or long life materials such as cold applied plastic or thermoplastic. Specialised products are available that address the most difficult problem of wet night visibility. These include profiled or embossed markings, and the use of large size glass beads.

Since its establishment in 1969 the NZ Roadmarkers Federation has worked to meet the changing needs of its member contractors, and to communicate with stakeholders including The Ministry of Transport, Local Government, and the New Zealand Transport Agency.

  • Rumble Strip Resources:  The NZRF has assembled information about rumble
    strips in one place and provided links to various research reports,
    Specifications and Guides...view

  • NZRF Materials Guide: The NZ Roadmarkers Federation has collated this materials guide. It brings together technical information about the range of marking materials, and associated products that are used by the pavement marking industry...view

  • Line Removal Guide...view

  • Raised Pavement Markers Removal Guide...view

  • Accessible Parking Guide: This Guide has been developed in consultation with CCS Disability Action, it sets out the requirements of the Traffic Control Devices Rule, Building Code,  NZS 4121 and AS 2890...view

  • NZRF QAP:002: NZTA documents used by RCA's to manage roadmarking contracts require evidence of compliance with an approved quality system for roadmarking works. An approved quality system is defined as compliance with ISO 9001 including the technical requirements of NZRF QAP:002 view

  • NZRF Contract Development Checklist: This document describes the items relating to roadmarking that should be addressed during the preparation of Method Based Pavement Marking Contract Documents...view

  • NZRF CPP Tender Evaluation Checklist: The purpose of this checklist is to provide a basis for assessment during tender evaluation, being conducted by Tender Evaluation Teams, on tenders for the supply of pavement marking services...view

  • NZRF Contract Management Site Review Checklist: The purpose of this checklist is to provide a basis for assessment during site reviews...view

  • Specification Review Schedules can be used to develop a document which demonstrates how a contractor plans to satisfy the requirements of the contracted work.
    - Specification Review Schedules 2008 ...view
    - Sample Spec Review Schedule April 2008 ...view

  • Traffic Hazard Management: Section 9 of the NZRF Health Safety and Environment Guide has been revised to recognise that generic roadmarking traffic management diagram's are available in NZTA CoPTTM.